Q: When will Phase 2 construction begin?


A: Construction is underway. Work began in summer 2023 and is expected to be completed in spring of 2025.

Q: What does Phase 2 of Aptos Village include?


A: Phase 2 includes three mixed-use buildings, consisting of seven structures located on both sides of Aptos Village Way. Each building will have a commercial ground floor with residential condos above. There will be 29 residential units for rent and roughly 15,000 square feet of commercial space built.

Q: Is Phase One Complete?


A: Yes. Phase 1 included more than 30 new homes — a mix of condos, townhomes and apartments — as well as about 50,000 square feet of commercial space. In Phase 1, the historic Hihn Apple Barn was moved and renovated to become a New Leaf Community Market. Other businesses that opened during Phase 1 include: The Penny Ice Creamery, Cat & Cloud Coffee, Mentone, Sockshop & Shoe Company, Sante Arcangeli Family Wines Tasting Room and Doon To Earth, a joint tasting room featuring Ser Winery and Bonny Doon Vineyard. The County of Santa Cruz also has a satellite office at the Aptos Village.

Q: How many new homes will be built in Phase 2?


A: There will be 29 residential units for rent:

    • Three 1-Bedroom Units
    • Eighteen 2-Bedroom Units
    • Eight 3-Bedroom Units

Q: How many of the new homes will be affordable units?


A: Phase 2 includes five affordable units. In total, the two-phase development includes 15% affordable units, with 11 Measure J units. The Measure J program, named for the 1978 voter initiative, makes homes available for purchase at below-market rates.

Q: What parking is included in Phase 2 of the project?


A: There will be a garage assigned to each of 29 residences, with a total of 43 spaces among the garages and 76 parking spaces disbursed around the buildings. There are two bike lockers and 32 bike parking spots.

Q: Some say the Aptos Village Project has caused parking challenges in the area. How is this being addressed?


A: Project plans call for 50 extra parking spaces within the two-phase Aptos Village Project, above what is required by the County. Currently, there is no plan to meter those spots, require permits or otherwise limit their use. The overflow parking situation at The Forest of Nisene Marks State Parks is complicated and, as community partners, SWENSON staff have been in communication with California State Parks, as well as Aptos Creek Road neighbors.

Q: What is happening with the park space being donated to the County?


A: There is a 24,000-square-foot area within the 11.5-acre project that will be deeded by Aptos Village, LLC, to County Parks once construction is completed. The County will decide that the specific use for this space, though it is envisioned to be park land.

Q:  Are there any improvements planned for The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park as part of this project?


A: Aptos Creek Road, the entrance to the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, will be enhanced with new paving, striping, bike lanes and upgraded parking.

Q: Are there still commercial vacancies in Phase 1?


A: There are two remaining vacancies in Phase 1 — Bldg. 3 and Bldg. 6.

Q: What type of commercial spaces are being built in Phase 2 and have any already been secured by tenants?


A:  There is about 15,000 square feet of commercial space in Phase 2, including two spaces with the infrastructure for a restaurant. Tenant recruitment efforts are ongoing.

Q: Phase 2 was initially planned to start in 2019. Is the project behind schedule?


A: The pandemic and financing constraints resulted in a delay in the construction schedule.

Q: What will be done to minimize dust and noise during construction?


A: On-site water trucks will routinely maintain dust where possible. All construction will be done during normal business hours. Also, a SWENSON representative will coordinate and respond to any issues and a 24-hour contact number will be displayed on signage located on-site.

Q:  How is stormwater being handled at the site?


A:  This is storm water being collected from roadways above and around the development. All on-site water will be collected, recharged on-site using Darcy columns and bio retention swales and will limit outflow into the off-site storm system.

Q: What road closures and traffic impacts will occur during Phase 2 construction?
What is being done to mitigate these impacts?


A: Segments of Aptos Village Way will be shut down periodically and/or during certain time periods to keep the public safe and maintain access to the buildings from the street during construction. Advance notice will be provided by the Santa Cruz County Public Works Department and on-site signage will be posted with dates and timelines. Cones and delineators will direct traffic through any detours.